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  • What is your package policy?

    We are pleased to accept packages for registered guest only up to 7 days prior to arrival.  We will not accept packages for recipients without a reservation. Packages not claimed within 10 days after departure will be returned to sender at owner’s expense.  The first 2 packages (not to exceed 5lbs) will be received and stored compliments of the hotel.  If you are shipping three (3) or more packages, you must contact management directly between the hours of 9am-4pm Monday-Friday only, seven (7) days prior to arrival.   Any packages sent to the hotel that exceed the maximum amount, will be refused at the discretion of the management of the hotel.  Silversmith Hotel reserves the right to refuse any packages that are not aligned with our hotel policy.

    Hotel is not responsible for the safe or timely arrival of any packages sent to the hotel.  The guest is solely responsible to verify the arrival of any packages delivered to the hotel and to ensure that the contents are intact. Silversmith Hotel will not accept liability for lost, damaged, or delayed packages from shippers.
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