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10 - Oct
(Nearby Event: Food & Dining)
Where:Ipsento Coffee House, 2035 N Western, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60647
History, Selection & Brewing Perfection In Coffee 101, you will be presented with the latest information available on the science and art involved in brewing the perfect cup, using a handful of different brewing methods.  You will also take away some history and cultural knowledge as it pertains to coffee as well as taking a look at what's helpful to consider when shopping for a bag of coffee.  The class will include an interactive lecture.  It will also include interaction with the coffee as you take a step back in time to the days of your high school science lab.  Only, this time you will get to enjoy some incredible, non-toxic aromas and flavors ranging from grapefruit to blueberry and cocoa nibs to toffee.  That's right folks, these flavors really are found in the delectable coffees we'll be showcasing as a part of this class.
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