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13 - Nov
(Nearby Event: Concerts & Music)
Where:Mandel Hall, Mandel Hall, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60637

Short of a moon launch, no human endeavor requires more collaboration -- or more trust -- than a string quartet. Like a trapeze act in the dark, the members of a string quartet must rely on timing and each other's instincts, both musical and emotional, as they play "without a net." Since it debuted in 2004 in Stuttgart, the Arcanto Quartet has wowed audiences with its almost supernatural coordination and fearlessness. Noted for its "close rapport, finesse, and ... blend of eloquence and vitality" (The Telegraph), the Quartet has played Carnegie Hall, Philharmonie Berlin and the Vienna Konzerthaus. Now it comes to Mandel Hall to perform Bach, Schumann and Smetana. Be there for the Chicago debut of a truly world-class ensemble.  

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